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The Solvvy Analytics API can be used to obtain analytics data about Solvvy usage or performance.


The Solvvy Analytics API is available for Solvvy Enterprise plan types. Please get in touch with our team if you have questions or are interested in getting set up.


An Analytics API client key is needed to authenticate API calls. This key can be found in the Dashboard underneath Settings > Integrations. It is around 100 characters long and should look similar to this:


This key should be sent in a X-Api-Key request header.

API Host

The production Solvvy API is exposed at

Org ID

Most of the API calls require a common org_id query parameter to indicate which Solvvy org or instance the request applies to. The Org ID can be found in the Dashboard underneath Org Settings > Settings.


Several standard HTTP errors may be returned based on the situation:

  • 401 Unauthorized - Invalid or missing API key
  • 400 Bad Request - Invalid or missing required inputs (e.g. missing the org_id query parameter, invalid or missing required request body properties during create). This can also happen if trying to download the job and it is not complete yet.
  • 404 Not Found - invalid URL path or invalid job ID
  • 500 Server Error - most likely some kind of problem on the Solvvy side


The API examples below use a fake org ID and API key, so they will not actually work. They should be replaced with the corresponding real values from the Dashboard Settings page.